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Why are some games so addictive?

Some games are addictive, as anyone who likes to compete with others can testify, and the root cause of this phenomenon can be found in the brain. The reward system, consisting of an elaborate network of neural structures, evolved over millions of years to release certain neurochemicals whenever animals engage in certain activities and winning… Read More »

Myth busting Snus!

Snus is a popular smokeless tobacco used predominantly in Scandinavian countries. It is often touted to be a great way to quit smoking with healthier properties, but is this really true? We will look at a number of facts about snus and see which ones are the truth and which are just myths. Many sites… Read More »

How Does Sunlight Affect You?

It is common knowledge that plants need sunlight in order to photosynthesize and survive, but few people realize just how important it is to us humans as well. Some of you may have noticed that in the winter months, with the shorter days and lengthy periods of dark, a depressive mood can pervade your everyday… Read More »

Better alternatives to cigarettes

As most of us know, the dangers of smoking are not to be taken lightly. It affects us in more ways than we can expect and why would anyone want to harm the one thing that we need the most in life – our bodies? Know the Risks Smoking is harmful and, according to experts,… Read More »