How Does Sunlight Affect You?

It is common knowledge that plants need sunlight in order to photosynthesize and survive, but few people realize just how important it is to us humans as well. Some of you may have noticed that in the winter months, with the shorter days and lengthy periods of dark, a depressive mood can pervade your everyday life. It may be subtle, or it may not, but whatever the level, this is due to the lack of sunlight in your life. Likewise, those of us who spend hours every day hidden in a dark office may also experience symptoms of fatigue or a depressive nature.

Exposure to sunlight is both good and bad for all of us. Prolonged exposure can result in skin melanomas and in severe cases can result in cancer. However, for those of us who are prudent about our exposure by taking the necessary precautions, sunlight is good for us. Firstly, it is a source of Vitamin D. We require sunlight in order to be able to synthesize it and without exposure to it need to take supplements in order to acquire it.

Sunlight also triggers hormones in the brain, in particular serotonin. This is associated with improving one’s mood and making a person feel calm and more focused. The lack of this, particularly in winter, is what causes the downward spiral so often seen. In conjunction with this, Parans has developed a remarkable technology to bring natural sunlight indoors. Even in the darkest offices, the workers will have access to natural light, removing some of the detrimental side effects that can occur from lack of sunlight exposure. This technology simply catches sunlight from outside and through a complex system funnels it throughout the building.

However, you get your sunlight fix, it is important to have exposure. Of course, take precautions ‒ particularly in higher UV prone areas – as too much sun can hurt.