How To Get More Sunlight At Home And Its Effects

The amount of sunlight we get can directly affect us in several different ways. If this need isn’t met, it can be a good idea to se what changes can be made at home.

At Home

You can place more mirrors at home to enhance natural light. The mirror reflects the light, so the more mirrors there are in the room, the more light there is between the walls. Place a mirror on the window or glass door to maximise natural light in the room. Tip: buy furniture with glass panels or mirror finishes.

Paint Your Home With Bright Colours

With bright colours, sunlight is better reflected as compared to dark colours. To increase natural lighting in your home, it is advisable to incorporate cool tones.

Ditch Heavy Curtains

Curtains have a significant effect on your lighting at home. The heavier the curtains the less the amount of light that penetrates through. If you have heavy curtains, consider replacing them with lighter curtains. Linen or cotton will work just fine to maximise on the amount of natural lighting entering your home.

Move Furniture

Furniture can be a hindrance to the amount of sunlight coming through your windows. Unless your furniture has some translucent plastic theme on them, they will block the natural lighting. To solve this, you can move the furniture a few meters away from your windows. This will help avoid sunlight getting blocked as it comes through your windows.

At The Office

Use of transparent windows will go a long way in getting more light into your office. Unlike tinted windows transparent windows allow more light to enter your working space.

Work On The Ceiling

Panelled ceilings or deep-coloured ceilings absorb a lot of light. They also added style and drama. However, having brighter environments is the goal. If you have a dark ceiling, avoid dark walls and dark floors. Although adding a sunroof is an option, please do so with caution as it may change your original schematic.

Trim Trees By The Window

If there are any bushes or tall trees near your office, it will definitely affect the amount of light going into your office. Consider trimming the trees and bushes to have more natural light.

Sunlight has numerous benefits to humans. It prevents the risk of having skin cancer, it is a good source of vitamin D, helps strengthen the bones and it also brightens up your mood by dropping serotonin levels which can lead to depression.