Myth busting Snus!

Snus is a popular smokeless tobacco used predominantly in Scandinavian countries. It is often touted to be a great way to quit smoking with healthier properties, but is this really true? We will look at a number of facts about snus and see which ones are the truth and which are just myths.

Many sites state that smokeless tobacco products are safe when compared to smoking. However this is not entirely accurate. Swedish snus is safer than smoking for certain, but it does not come without its own issues. There are still many side effects such as mouth cancer, tooth loss and bone loss in the jaw that can still occur from this type of tobacco product, however the risks are significantly lower than with smoking.

Another myth is that there is less nicotine in snus than smoking tobacco. It is, in fact, possible to choose snus with a very low amount of nicotine. Added to this, the nicotine is absorbed at a slower rate through snus and the user will use less snus than they would smoke cigarettes.

Many users also believe that using snus is a simple short-term habit and that dabbling in it will not result in any long-term usage. However, as mentioned previously, there is a significant amount of nicotine present in the snus and this is enough to create an addiction over time. Along these lines, many people also believe that it is easy to quit using snus. However, whilst the length of time it takes to quit is still much shorter than with cigarettes, there is still enough nicotine in the tobacco to make this a struggle particularly during the first week.

Other myths such as snus improving one’s dating life are both true and false – your breath and your clothes will smell better, but don’t forget to remove the pouch before you go in for a kiss!